Honey harvested in Raglan New Zealand by Miel des Collines Honey harvested in Raglan New Zealand by Miel des Collines


Autumn Times by Tui Home & Garden

Autumn Times by Tui Home & Garden

I think the first time I heard about Tui Home & Garden, it was on Instagram. I had seen some posts appearing on my feed with their famous “what to plant in your garden this month” type post. Not long after that, they shared posts with the hashtag #myprideofplace. I remember that very special post they shared from @itsasmallworldnz. A recipe which finally helped me sort out the 10kg of green beans I harvested this season. That post made me realize the amazing community Tui Home & Garden are putting together. Not only they have a beautiful range of quality products, but they keep on sharing tips, ideas based on their undeniable experience, but also by sharing New Zealand gardeners best practices and success in their garden. I find that very special.

Beekeeping is a full time job. But it allows you to make some time for gardening. And it goes well together. This year I focused a lot more on my garden and I loved sharing some part of it with you. The link between bees and the food we eat is real. I saw it everyday in my garden, and can still see it today.

I am super honoured to have my garden featured on the cover of the new edition of the Tui magazine, Autumn Times 2020.

Plus I got spoiled with some garden ware and treats for my plants. Thank you Tui Garden & Home for bringing people together.

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