From the very beginning, sustainability has been a priority in the development of Miel des Collines and I am committed to keep improving.
These are a few initiatives where I take responsibility towards sustainability.


Miel des Collines honey range is packed in glass jars. Not only this is the best way  to preserve the honey’s quality, it is a fully reusable and/or recyclable packaging.

Miel des Collines is the perfect size jar to bottle homemade jams, pickles or any preserves from your garden.

The quality paper labels can be washed with warm water if slightly stained with honey, the jar can then be used as a pen holders on your desk for example, to enjoy the beautiful art work of New Zealand native flowers.

All other products range either use organic ingredients, organic materials, fully recyclable. Paper for the stationery is from managed forest.

Care for the land and native species

I feel blessed with the opportunity to operate my business from our exceptional land near Raglan, in the Waikato.
Miel des Collines is French for Honey from the hills. The rolling hills, which are characteristic to our land, are partially covered with native forest from where we can enjoy the native wildlife. We work closely with the QEII National Trust to help protect the habitat of threatened animal and plant species on a specific area of our land.

Our land is also the land of water where a number of wetlands, springs and the Pakoka River thrive. In order to protect the water sources, in 2021 we finished to fully fence the river to prevent access by farm animals and damage of the rivers beds. In partnership with the Waikato Regional Council and the help of a local nursery, the fenced areas along the river have been planted with native plants (Manuka, Kanuka, harakeke, Toi Toi...) in August 2021. 
A study, in partnership with the Waikato University and NIWA, was done on our land to confirm the presence of freshwater mussels and was a success, proof of a healthy habitat for this specie in decline.