How is Miel des Collines operated ?
Miel des Collines is owned and operated by me, Pauline. I started to work with bees in 2016 and decided to make it a serious thing in 2018. I look after the bees, harvest the honey, develop the products and market them. 

Where do you get your honey from ?
Miel des Collines honey is harvested exclusively from our land near Raglan. We overlook the Aotea Harbour and are surrounded with a pristine environment with a high density of native flowers.

Why is Miel des Collines honey crystallized ?
You will find that our honey range has different textures. Yet they are all naturally crystallized. Honey that hasn't been processed will crystallize over time. Some will take longer than others. Three things make honey more likely to crystallize : temperature, the ratio of glucose and fructose in the honey, pollen.
Crystallized honey is sign of high quality honey. 

Have you designed the illustrations found on your labels and stationery ?
All the drawings found on Miel des Collines products are the result of a collaboration with French artist Sophie Rivière.

Is Miel des Collines exclusively New Zealand made ?
I take pride in the fact that 98% of my products are New Zealand made. The 2% are French (a French beekeeper and a French designer). The stationery and labels are printed in Auckland at Laser Foil.